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Monday, July 31, 2017


I was able to train during work today. Over 40 deg C with humidity today. Even the humidity in the air conditioned gym was ridiculous. Still I got in some great Squats.

Leg Swings and Stretching.
Squats - 2 sets/6 reps/bar, 2 sets/8 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/6 reps/225lbs, 5 sets/6, 8, 6, 6, 6 reps/315lbs, 2 sets/6, 12 reps/135lbs.

I was sweating through everything. Volume builds champions. All reps were with out a belt, sleeves, or wraps.


Friday, July 28, 2017

Bench Press

I had a chance to train today during work. I only had an hour so I got in an good Bench Press work out.

Light Stretching.
Bench Press - 2 sets/12 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/6 reps/225lbs, 275lbs/6 reps, 5 sets/3, 4, 4, 3, 5 reps/315lbs, 2 sets/8, 10 reps/225lbs.
Dumbbell Hammer Curls - 2 sets/12 reps/40, 45lbs.
OH Plate Extensions - 2 sets/12 reps.

Lots of fun. My pressing power is slowly coming back.


Thursday, July 27, 2017


Squats are HOT tonight. What I mean is the temperature is hot. 33 degC. I sweat through everything. I actually had to get a fan out to help me breath. This didn't deter me. I had a pretty good evening of bending bars.

Leg Swings and Stretching.
Squats - 3 sets/8 reps/bar, 2 sets/6 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/6 reps/185lbs, 2 sets/6 reps/225lbs, 2 sets/6, 8 reps/315lbs, 365lbs/4 reps.

Combination of the heat and pushing the reps (which I have to do) my head started to hurt. Not badly but I don't want any more stress induced head aches. All Squats done tonight were without belt, straps, or sleeves.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bench Press

Today and tomorrow I am home from work because of an infected ingrown toenail. Amazing how such a little thing can affect a person. I'm on antibiotics for ten days and I need to keep my foot elevated. This afternoon I sat out in my garage listening to records with my foot up. After an hour or so I decided I could do some Bench Press and elevate my foot between sets.

Bench Press - 3 sets/12 reps/135lbs, 3 sets/12 reps/185lbs, 3 sets/12 reps/225lbs.

My left hand has been problematic and weak. This has caused me to wear my wrist wrap with anything over 225lbs. Today my wrist seemed much better and I was able to add some dynamic effort to the press. Keep at it is my only option. despite my swollen toe I feel very good today. Positive.


Sunday, July 23, 2017


The garage is 30 degC. For my Canadian blood, that's hot. It's days like this to throw down and bend bars. Not real heavy tonight but not too shabby on the volume. Also my hand is feeling better.

Deadlifts - 2 sets/8 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/6 reps/225lbs, 7 sets/3, 5, 8, 4, 4, 10, 2 reps/315lbs.

The last 2 reps were just after a short rest after the 10 reps to bring my rep total to 36 reps.

I can't imagine how many calories I burnt. I know I was sweating nonstop and I had to towel off after every set. Time for a shower.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sports Day

On Friday my work had a sports day. Before work I went for my regular morning walk. After that I spent most of the day on my feet walking all over the place. A treasure hunt lead me to over 20,000 steps. I spent the evening with swollen feet. Holy Moly.
Today I spent the day with my son fishing. I caught a few and had a great day relaxing by the river.
Life is grand indeed.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bench Press and Squats

Numbers are still low but training hard will carry me past my previous bests. Sounds simple enough. Yesterday I did Bench Press late in the evening. I finished up at about 2200hrs. Here's how it went.

Light Stretching.
Bench Press - 2 sets/12 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/8 reps/185lbs, 2 sets/8 reps/225lbs, 4 sets/6 reps/275lbs, 2 sets/8 reps/135lbs.
Rev Grip Barbell Curls - 3 sets/12 reps/45lbs.
Various Other Curls.

Still a long way to go to get the numbers I had before the surgery.

Today right after getting home from work I put on my work out clothes and went out into the garage for some much needed heavy Squats.

Leg Swings and Stretching.
Squats - 2 sets/8 reps/bar, 2 sets/8 reps/135lbs, 225lbs/3 reps, 315lbs/3 reps.

At this point I pulled on my SBD knee sleeves and grabbed my belt.

Squats - 405lbs/1 rep, 4 sets/1 rep/455lbs.

Take off the belt.\

Squats - 2 sets/4, 6 reps/315lbs.

455lbs felt really good. It made me work a bit but it wasn't overly heavy. The numbers please me.

Supper time and also time to enjoy the gains.


Monday, July 17, 2017

What A Great Day

In the morning before work I walked for 25 minutes. About 3km. During PT at work today I walked for almost 5km. After the walk I had about an hour before I had to pick up my wife so Deadlifts it is.

Deadlifts - 2 sets/6 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/6 reps/205lbs, the rest all singles, 275, 275, 325, 375, 425, 495lbs (miss).

I only missed the 495lbs because of a greasy gym bar and no chalk. My grip is back to almost normal after the surgery.

Today was a great day of pushing myself.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Squats at 17 Wing

Today my son and I went out to the 17 Wing Strength Club. There isn't much in there weight wise for lifting but we managed to get in lots of sets and lots of reps to enjoy lots to volume.

Squats - 2 sets/8 reps/bar, 2 sets/8 reps/70kg, 2 sets/12 reps/70kg, 70kg/14 reps, 70kg/20 reps.

We spent the first while at the Strength Club moving around equipment. Through out the work out we also had some fun trying to do a handless squat with 40kg.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bench Press

All this week I walked in the morning. All except Wednesday when I needed the sleep. So 4/5 mornings walking for 25 to 30 minutes on an empty stomach. The early morning activity is making me feel much better. We had some time on Friday for some PT. I decided to do Bench Press. My hand and wrist is still not 100% but working the volume should correct that.

Light Stretching
Bench Press - 3 sets/8 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/6 reps/225lbs, 5 sets/4 reps/275lbs, 315lbs/3 reps, 2 sets/8 reps/225lbs.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls - 2 sets/12, 10 reps/40. 45lbs.
OH Plate Extensions - 2 sets/12 reps/45lbs.

Today my chest is tight and pumped. My wrist doesn't feel any worse for wear. It's going to take some time.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017


A really nice evening. Not too warm, nor humid and there is a pleasant breeze. I was tired after work and had a short nap on the couch before supper. Shortly after I dragged my butt out to the garage for some Squats. I really took my time with warm ups and ended up completing a good training day.

Leg Swings and Stretching.
Squats - 3 sets/8 reps/bar, 3 sets/8 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/8 reps/225lbs, 315lbs/4 reps, 315lbs/6 reps, 365lbs/3 reps, 2 sets/8, 10 reps/225lbs.
Ab Sling Knee Ups - 3 sets/12 reps.

No belt, straps, wraps, nor sleeves. The weight moved well and it didn't feel all that heavy, which it really isn't. Barry White was the soundtrack of my training. I Love It!!!


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Walking and Other

Monday morning I headed out early for a walk. The walk around the block is my standard one and it takes about 25 minutes. I really enjoy the scenery as it leads me along a small lake in our neighborhood. There are Canada geese and ducks nesting and occasionally white pelicans.

Monday evening I tried out my left hand with some light Deadlifts.

Deadlifts - 3 sets/8 reps/135lbs, 3 sets/8 reps/225lbs.

My hand held up just fine. It will be fun to pull big weight again.

This morning I headed out for a walk again. Baby geese and ducklings made the walk more enjoyable.


Saturday, July 08, 2017

Bench Press

My hand is gradually feeling better. I've been on holidays with my family so no training. Today I got back under the bar.

Light Stretching.
Bench Press - 2 sets/8 reps/135lbs, (put on wrist wraps) 225lbs/8 reps, 2 sets/1 rep/225lbs, 315lbs/4 reps, 4 sets/2, 1, 1, 2 reps/335lbs.
Dumbbell Hammer Curls - 35lbs/12 reps, 40lbs/12 reps, 40lbs/12 reps.

It still hurts to hold the weight in my hand. Also, my pressing power has dropped considerably in the last 6 weeks. However, 335lbs for a double is a good place to start. I will be pressing 4 plates again soon.


Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Core Work

Outside temperature is 30 degC. It rained this morning so the humidity is making it really HOT! I wanted to do a little something in the garage so I did some core work.

Light Stretching.
Hanging Leg Raises - 4 sets/10 reps.


This is a very neglected area of my training. Today starts day one of core training.


Monday, July 03, 2017


It's been a while since I posted last but I have been keeping busy. I haven't done many organized training days but I have been walking in the morning and trying out my hand. It still hurts a bit and it limits my Bench Press and Deadlift.

Leg Swings and Stretching.
Squats (no belt, no knee sleeves) - 3 sets/6 reps/bar, 2 sets/6 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/4 reps/225lbs, 5 sets/2, 3, 4, 6, 6 reps/315lbs.

I was also played with my keg which I filled with water and now weighs 150lbs. I just wanted to shoulder it. I did twice but cut my finger when putting it down on the second attempt. I also did some Bench Press.

Bench Press - 2 sets/12 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/8 reps/225lbs.

I really took my time and today's training was a lot of fun.