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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm A Bad, Bad Man!

I was so dissapointed by my performance on deadlift day I decided to punish myself. Here is how I did it.

Squats - 135lbs/12, 2x(225lbs/8), 8x(275lbs/4)
Leg Extensions - 180lbs/12, 240lbs/8, 260lbs/8

After this I could bearly walk out of the gym. Maybe next time I won't fail. (lol)


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2 Outa' 3 Ain't Bad

Oh well, it was for not. yesterday I was hoping to finish my test week with a new deadlift PB. The night before was our crew party to wrap our tour here in South West Asia. We went to the HofBrau Haus, a fine German restaurant serving heavy food and 1L beers. Obviously my deadlifts didn't like either. I didn't even come close to lifting a PB. Here are my attempts.

Attempt 1 - 515lbs Miss (are you kidding me?)
Attempt 2 - 515lbs Miss (good luck)
Attempt 3 - 495lbs Miss (I usually have no problem with this)

Lesson learned. "Don't calorie load the night before a competition". Oh well, 2 outa' 3 ain't bad.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Test Bench

Today I attempted a new 1RM on the bench. Here are the attempts.

Attempt 1 - 295lbs Good Lift (no problem)
Attempt 2 - 305lbs Good Lift
Attempt 3 - 315lbs Miss
Attempt 4 - 315lbs Miss

As with squats I use no supportive equipment (nor do I use a stunt double). 305lbs went up slow but I had a good pause at the bottom. 315lbs really ticked me off. I was almost past my sticking point. If I would have travelled another CM higher it would have went up. Maybe next time. My second attempt at 315lbs was not so pretty. It came down and stayed down. I couldn't even get it off my chest. Lucky for me I had a good spotter. Thanks Ryan. I'll take tomorrow off and hit the deads the next day. I'm really looking forward to these. Hey Brock, this time I'll take 250kg for a ride.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Test Week

This is my last week away from home. I've decided to use this last week as a test week. This morning I started things off with squats. Here is how I did.

Attempt 1 - 405lbs Good Lift
Attempt 2 - 425lbs Good Lift
Attempt 3 - 445lbs Miss
Attempt 4 - 435lbs Good Lift

All these lifts were performed with no support equipment other than a belt. 425lbs went really deep. I was well below parallel. 445lbs went deep as well but a little too deep. It actually felt lower than 425lbs which may explain why it didn't go up. I decided to drop 10lbs and go for a fourth. 435lbs was a bit higher than 425lbs but I'm sure it was still legal. 435lbs is a new 1RM for me. My old PB was 190kg or 418lbs which I lifted in competition November 2005.
I'm sure the box squats I've been doing the last little while is the answer to my gains. 405lbs actually felt light on my shoulders. I'll keep up the box squats and I should continue making regular gains. Way to go me! Tomorrow is bench press. I'm going for 305lbs on my second attempt and 315lbs on my third.