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Monday, July 02, 2018

Fun Day

With Canada Day being on a Sunday (I was also working all day) today is a holiday. We got together as a family and went out for breakfast then went for a walk around the Assiniboine park. I love being lighter in body weight. It allows me to goof off lots more. I can run and jump and really fool around with my kids. We walked about 5km in the park not to mention all the running and jumping I did. Fun stuff.

When we got home my lovely wife assisted me in changing the snow tires on our van to summer tires. I know it's late in the season but we really didn't have time before now. We also took the van to get washed. At least it looks great now on the outside.

After that I BBQ'd some hamburgers and sausages for supper. The evening was slow so I cracked a beer and set up some weights in the garage.

Narrow Grip Bench Press - 135lbs/12 reps, 6 sets/12 reps/185lbs.
Inclined Dumbbell Extensions - 6 sets/12 reps/20lbs.
Inclined Dumbbell Flys - 6 sets/8 reps/20lbs.

I supper set each exercise. The Inclined Flys were done slow to stretch the concentric portion of the movement and dynamic during the eccentric portion. After the weights I decided to cap off my day with the standard walk around the block. Lots of calories burnt today.


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