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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Working on the Snatch

Now that Powerlifting is not a priority it offers me the opportunity to experiment with other fun exercises. I have always been fascinated by Olympic Weightlifting but more specifically the Snatch. I have been worried about trying the Snatch because I was certain that I would miss the first time and end up throwing the bar through a wall. Actually, that never happened. I did fall over twice and was humbled by how little weight I could move. Just the bar. My form wasn't too bad and it gives me a great place to start. Today was my first day and not too bad. Lots of sets and lots of drills, I spent about three hours in the Strength Club working the drills. I found a good video that taught me plenty.

OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING 101: How To Snatch (Full Guide) Ft. Clarence Kennedy

Here is a video of my meager attempts.

Snatch Video

After Snatch I had a little while before finishing. Bring on the Bench.

Bench Press - 6 sets/12 reps/160lbs.

On the BW front, this morning I weighed in at 314.5lbs. Officially down 40.5lbs!!!

Feeling GREAT!!!


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