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Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolution

Another year has come and gone. As I get older they seem to be getting shorter. Here is what I wrote last year,

"My goals for 2015 go something like this.
  • With regards to powerlifting I don't have many goals. Just to stay healthy and injury free. I plan on competing at the 2015 17 Wing meet just to get an equipped total for the 2016 Nationals. That is my long term goal. I plan on doing classic, equipped, and bench only equipped at the 2016 Nationals in Moose Jaw.
  • My focus will be on improving the 17 Wing Strength club and bringing powerlifting to the Military as a recognized sport.
  • Work is much busier here than in Greenwood so it takes up a lot of my thought. I feel I can do some real good at 435 Sqn and I plan on bringing my special kind of leadership and morale to the unit.
  • The most important goal for my lifting is to get the garage insulated, heated and organized. If I don't have a gym at my finger tips my training for the 2016 Nationals will suffer and my performance will be lacking. I need my church.
I don't have many goals for 2015. Probably better that way. Time to enjoy myself for a little while."

To reflect on 2015,
  • I did in fact stay injury free and I learned much about what was causing past injuries. At the 17 Wing meet I competed in equipped bench only and I did better than I could have ever imagined. A life goal of 500lbs (227.5kg) was my prize. In also competed at another meet in Portage la Prairie that wasn't the best but I still did ok.
  • I have still towed the line for the 17 Wing Strength Club and Powerlifting in the CF. I have lost count how many people I have helped out. 
  • Work is busy and morale at the unit is poor. I regularly have to remind myself to remain positive and be an example for others. Although it is a constant uphill battle I continue to do my best. I believe I am making a difference.
  • I still haven't insulated the garage but I am making the best of training at the 17 Wing Strength Club and at work.
High Points for 2015 are;
  • We finally sold our Greenwood home so we are back to normal financially. It really relieves a lot of stress.
  • At work I travelled to Italy for three weeks. As the senior NCM on the deployment I felt I performed extremely well.
  • My 500lbs bench press has given me huge inspiration for training and opened the door to new goals.
  • I am the Vice President of the Manitoba Powerlifting Association. Although I don't do very much I still have my foot in the door to take on future responsibilities.
  • Though the 17 Wing Strength Club I have made some new friends. These friends are the sort that you keep for life and I feel more complete because of them.
  • I have included my son in my training. We go to the Strength Club every Sunday and he is learning how to Squat. He is very good and has managed 60kg/5 reps, and 65kg/1RM. All at a body weight of less than 50kg. I enjoy the time we get to spent together.
  • My wife and I continue to get better and better. Our understanding of each other gets deeper and our relationship gets stronger. I am a very lucky man indeed.
  • My family and I are pleased to be living in Winnipeg. We are enjoying being in a big city and all that it offers. We will possibly retiring here and we are happy about that.
It has been a quiet yet productive year. It felt solid.

My goals for 2016 are;
  • In the middle of February I am going to Regina for the 2016 CPU Nationals. Training is going well and I should be rewarded with some new PBs. At Nationals I will be writing my National Officials exam. Another step in the right direction.
  • This summer the IPF Classic Worlds is in Texas. Depending on my performance at Nationals I should be lined up to go to my first Worlds.
  • At work I really don't have many goals. I intend to keep positive and be an inspiration to those who have poor morale.
  • At home I want to continue to keep the ball rolling. I want to keep loving my wife and kids. One fun thing we have planned is a camping trip to Texas in conjunction with the worlds. Another fun road trip to the southern USA.
I have much to be thankful for. I am a very lucky man. I will continue to try to pay it forward.


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