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Thursday, December 18, 2014


Not really feeling it today. The Christmas season is soon upon us and my mind is else where. Work is becoming a pain in the butt and I am working over the holidays. Because I can't work out at home (too cold) I am bringing my squat stands into work where we have a small gym with just enough Olympic plates to have fun. Today I "picked things up and put things down".

Warm Up
Paused Squats - 60kg/8 reps, 60kg/8 reps, 100kg/4 reps, 100kg/4 reps.
Deadlifts - 125kg/4 reps, 175kg/1 rep.

Working Sets
Deadlifts - 5 sets/1 rep/215kg (first two sets sumo in gear nxg)
Deadlifts - 3 sets/1 rep/175kg.

Like I said, nothing special. I spent a lot of time chatting with my good buddy Al B. At the begining of the work out I was trying out squats with a collar to collar wide grip on the barbell in an effort to reduce the pressure on my elbows during squats. I liked the way they felt but it is difficult unracking and racking the weights in a power rack. I pinched my hand once. I know, waaaaaa. Squatting with the stands will allow me to bring them in a bit and it will no longer be an issue.


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