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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Military Atlantic Regionals

Had a great two days of lifting. Day one was the women, light weight men, and middle weight men. Day two was for the heavy weight men. I helped out on day one and managed not to get too excited. Day two... GAME TIME!

Squats - 190/200/210kg.

Still discouraged by my recent adductor injury I was still a bit shy. Still went 3 for 3 but not very heavy.

Bench Press - 160/162.5/167.5kg (miss)

I'm pleased with my Bench Press as it equals my competition PB from the Easterns one month ago.

Deadlifts - 250/260/262.5kg (miss)

I am also pleased with my Deadlift as it also equals my performance from the Easterns.

A really good competition. It ran smooth and was a lot of fun. I also met a lot of good people. Here are the videos from the competition

Bench Press


1 comment:

Tom said...

Hi Robert,

Great job on your meet. Equaling your best and keeping that adductor in line is always a good deal.

Also, I read your "Aspirations" post and it is pretty similar to mine heading into 2014. After trying to force a 3-day on/1-day off routine for the past few months, I think a Monday-Squat, Wednesday-Bench, Friday-Deadlift schedule will be a little more sane. Tuesday and Thursday will be mild cardio (walking and light jogging or bicycling) or some Crossfit-type short (< 10min) metcon.

At the same time, I'm thinking about switching from the Hepburn-A (triples) program I've been doing to the Hepburn-B (singles). I've been doing A since shortly after my meet in July, and I'm close to working out with the same poundages (for triples) I hit in the meet (which were PRs). Should I finish out the cycle with the triples (right now I'm at 4x3/4x2) or just jump into the B routine? I really want to join the 1000-lb club at my yearly meet in July. Your thoughts are appreciated.

All the best to you and yours as we head into the holiday season.