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Thursday, January 24, 2013


I haven't posted very much lately because I've been very busy. My PT test is in less than one month and I'm jogging to get ready for that. I had a specialist appointment yesterday. I've been feeling a cold / flu slowly creeping up on me. But more so, I've been busy with being the meet director for the 2013 OptiMYz Live Powerlifting Championships. This was my seventh meet that I have directed and this one was by far the highest profile. The meet was held at the OptiMYz Live Health and Fitness Expo. With over a thousand people attending the Expo everyone had a chance to check out NSPL in action. The meet was a huge success and really was the highlight of Saturday's Expo. I am very proud of my efforts.

OptiMYz Live Health and Fitness Expo main page

2013 OptiMYz Live Powerlifting Championships Results

Squat Video

Bench Press Video

Deadlift and Awards Video

From now till mid Feb I will be focused on cardiovascular training. After I pass my annual PT test it's ball to the wall training for the Nova Scotia Provincials this summer.


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