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Monday, January 21, 2013

More Cardio Training

Still trying to get ready for my PT test. It's scheduled for the 12th Feb. There is still lots of time to improve. I feel that I'm not quite there yet. The running is a bit weak still.

Walking - 4 laps (0.5km)
Jogging - 8 laps (1km, 6 min 50 sec)
Walk 75m Run 50m - 8 laps (1km)
Walking - 4 Laps (0.5km)

Total - 24 laps (3km)

Squats - bar/6 reps, 135lbs/6 reps, 225lbs/6 reps, 4 sets/2 reps/315lbs, 4 sets/2 reps/335lbs.

Deadlifts - 405lbs/1 rep, 495lbs/1 rep, 495lbs/1 rep (greasy bar, no chalk).

Walk - 4 laps (0.5km)

Not too bad. I want to jog for ten laps then start to increase speed. With several weeks left until test day I should be fine. Next work out is walk to the Powerhouse, Bench Press, then walk home. Next week I will try for ten laps of the indoor track.


1 comment:

Tom said...

Hi Robert!

Way to go on adding cardio training. I'm trying to find the time to add a crossfit workout or a jog into my weekly routine, and it is pretty hit-or-miss. After a Hepburn-style workout, I'm pretty gassed.

However, I have been able to lately sneak in a Tabata workout at the very end. I just tell myself, "It's just another five minutes." If I don't think about it, I manage to knock it out - brief and brutal.

Hang in there!