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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bench Press

I changed things up a bit today by benching with my buffalo bar. It's also thicker than my Olympic bar. Strong Bench Press today.

Warm Up
Bench Press - 100lbs/12 reps, 200lbs/12 reps, 270lbs/6 reps.

Power Phase
Bench Press - 3 sets/1 rep/340lbs, 3 sets/1 rep/360lbs.
*3 minutes rest after each set*

Pump Phase
Bench Press with Titan RAM - 4 sets/4 reps/360lbs, 2 sets/3 reps/370lbs.
*3 minutes rest after each set*

It's snowing like crazy outside today but the fire in the stove makes my gym nice and cozy. Today while working out I watched Gentlemen Broncos. I really like this movie but I think I'm the only one who does. A really fun day of training. Exactly what I wanted my home gym to be.


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