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Thursday, November 15, 2012


introspective - given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences

Stepping away from training this week has given me the opportunity to think about my strength training and where it will lead me. It's been a year since my last competition and I've made some decent gains. I've finally lost some body weight and I'm the strongest I've ever been. Turning 40 this year has also offered me an opportunity to reflect. Earlier this week I was watching a video of a friend of mine performing raw squats. This friend is a National record holder and is one of the strongest lifters in Canada.

My realization is that I have not reached my true strength potential.

That said, how do I achieve my goals? I believe that I am limited by what I think I can do. If I believe a 600lbs Deadlift is a lot of weight then it is. If I believe a 500lbs+ Squat is unachievable then it will be. Even though I managed some good gains this year on my Bench Press it still is not enough. Genetically I am made for Powerlifting. So, why am I making meager gains.

It's time to start getting serious and push my limits. I am due for a PT test this January and strength training will have to wait until the test is complete. This doesn't mean that I can't work on loosing some weight. Ideally I would like to weigh about 275lbs. Currently I've lost 20lbs and weigh in at 319lbs. This is a goal. Strength goals are as follows; Squat 500lbs, Bench Press 400lbs, Deadlift 600lbs. These are numbers I want to achieve before next year's Eastern Canadian Powerlifting Championships.

So there it is. Goals are set now it's time to focus and make it happen.


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