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Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012 Eastern Canadian Powerlifting Championships

I am over joyed with my performance today. I thought my third attempts may have been a bit of a strentch but I was wrong. They were totally on the money. Here's my results.

Squat - 200kg, 210kg, 215kg.
Bench Press - 155kg, 160kg miss, 160kg.
Deadlift - 255kg, 260kg, 267.5kg.
Total - 642.5kg.

My previous personal best was 602.5kg at last year's Eastern Canadian's in Charlottetown PEI. Today I accomplished a 40kg PB. Outstanding!!! Now I need to rest before another meet on Tuesday.


1 comment:

Craig Hirota said...

congrats Robert! Huge pr increase!