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Thursday, November 22, 2012

2012 Gagetown Atlantic Regionals

The 2012 Gagetown Atlantic Regionals is a Military only meet. I travelled 6 hours to G-Town with 9 other Military members to compete for the second time in three days. Yes I know I'm crazy but to be true I feel great. Even three days later.

Squats - 495, 505 miss, 505lbs.
Bench Press - 335, 345, 355lbs miss.
Deadlift - 550, 560, 565lbs miss.
Total - 1410lbs.

My strength is definately way up and my style of training has prepared my body for such a vigorous few days. Now that my year of lifting has come to completion it's time to start cardio to get ready for my PT test in January. Tomorrow I'll be getting up early for some empty stomach cardio. FUN!!!


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