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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Bench Press

I don't know what I'm doing differently in training. It may be I'm pushing myself a bit more. It may be supplementing with creatine. It my be the Doug Hepburn routine kicking into overdrive. What ever it is... I am making some amazing gains right now.

Warm Up
Dynamic Push Ups - 2 sets/16 reps.
Bench Press - 135lbs/12 reps, 225lbs/10 reps, 315lbs/4 reps.

Power Phase
Bench Press - 8 sets/1 rep/345lbs.
*3 to 5 minutes rest between sets*

Pump Phase
Bench Press - 3 sets/5 reps/285lbs, 3 sets/4 reps/285lbs.
*3 to 5 minutes rest between sets*

Upper Back Work
Bent Over Dumbbell Rows - 3 sets/6 reps per side/125lbs.

Extra Stuff
Alternating Dumbbell Curls - 3 sets/12 reps/35, 40, 45lbs.
OH Plate Extensions - 3 sets/12 reps/45lbs.

I rigged up a heavier dumbbell for the dumbbell rows. I found the 105lbs was getting too light. Solid work out. Right now it's tough to type and my forearms are throbbing. Awesome stuff.


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