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Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012, Happy New Year!!!

2011 was a very eventful year. Here are some of the high points;
  • I hosted the 2011 Nova Scotia Provincials.
  • Competed at two meets in less than a month. The Eastern Canadians in Charlottetown PEI and the Atlantic Regionals in Gagetown NB.
  • The Atlantic Regionals is the first Military only invitational meet. (I didn't have to pay a dime to compete, very cool)
  • Qualified for Classic Nationals with a 602.5kg total at the Eastern Canadians.
  • Became the president of the 14 Wing Powerhouse and the secretary for Nova Scotia Powerlifting.
  • Helped in training troubled teenagers. It makes me feel great to see these kids with anger issues gain some control after getting under a bar.
It's been a great year for me in all aspects of my life. Here are a few things I'd like to accomplish in 2012.
  • Compete at the Classic Nationals in order to qualify for the Classic Worlds.
  • Act as host / meet director for the Nova Scotia Provincials for both CPU and Military only meets.
  • Continue to train youth.
  • Improve my cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Find my true potential. I've felt for sometime now that I have not even come close to my true potential. With my experience and my size I should be moving much more weight. Immediate goals are, 500lbs raw squat, 365lbs raw bench and a 600lbs raw deadlift. Total raw 665kg.
First things first, on the 10th Jan I do my annual PT test. Once I pass I'll be back into the rack with my game face on, bending bars. "Doug Hepburn" and myself will continue to throw down.


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