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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Treadmill Work in the SANCTUM

Why is it that the holidays are always the busiest time of the year. Even with my gym in the garage I still didn't have time to hit the gym on Tuesday. Today I really wanted to go to the base gym indoor track but my wife had some errands to take care of. I was left at home to watch the kids. Nap time is work out time.

Treadmill Work
Walk - 1 min (2%incl, 3.4mph).
Jog - 5 min (2%incl, 5.4mph).
Walk - 4 min.
Walk - 11 min.
Jog - 3 min.
Walk - 2 min.
Jog - 1 min (2%incl, 6mph).
Walk - 3 min.

30 minutes total on the treadmill and I feel pretty good. My left knee which has been a bit of a worry feels good. The only sore spot is the top of my feet. I'm sure it's because my 330lbs BW is not meant to jog. I'm glad to see my efforts are getting easier. Tomorrow I'd like to get over to jog on the indoor track. We'll see.


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