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Saturday, November 05, 2011

2011 Eastern Canadian Powerlifting Championships

My son and I have made it back in one piece. Above titled was a stellar meet and an example of how a meet of that size should be run. Warm up area had two ER racks and competition bars so there were no surprises once on the platform. On the platform the officials were consistent (overly strict) and the spotters had everything well in hand. I must make mention of one of the spotters. He did a great job of getting everyone fired up by grunting and growling. I was thinking of hiring him for the next competition I organize.

As for my performance...

Squats - 190/200/210 miss. On depth.
Bench Press - 150/160 miss twice. Felt light but couldn't get it off my chest.
Deadlift - 240/252.5/260 miss. Got stuck just under my knees.

All my openers felt light, as they should, but The lifts I missed were a surprise. They also felt light but got glued at my sticking points. 252.5kg deadlift is my best ever raw and 602.5kg total is also a PB. This gives me a qualifying total for Classic Nationals and more importantly I'm healthy with no injuries. In two weeks I have another meet which I'll comment on later.



Craig Hirota said...

congratulations! good luck at Nats!

ONPump17 said...

Good luck at the Nationals!

McLifter said...

Way to go Snowdaddy!! Nice lifting you brute!