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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Band Deadlifts Day 6

I was called out late last night and didn't get home to bed until 0430hrs. I managed 1 hour of sleep before I had to get the kids off to school. After that I went back to bed until noon. Some lunch and a coffee and I was ready to head out to the garage for my next training day.

Warm Up
Stationary Bike - 6 minutes.
Squats - 2 sets/6 reps/135lbs.
Deadlift - 1 sets/6 reps/345lbs.

Working Sets
Deadlifts - 10 sets/2 reps/345lbs + light bands (+100lbs at top).
*3 minutes rest between sets*

Push Ups - 4 sets/15 reps/all me baby.
*3 minutes rest between sets*

A good work out. Speed off the floor has been better but I was dropping my hips and driving into the pull just fine. Tomorrow and Saturday off. Sunday Band Squats.


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