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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Oh ya! Spending a few moments today grippin' and rippin'.

Warm Up
Stationary Bike - 5 minutes.
Squats - 2 sets/6 reps/135lbs.
Deadlift - 315lbs/6 reps.

Power Phase
Deadlift - 6 sets/1 rep/405lbs.
*3 minutes rest*

Pump Phase
Deadlift - 6 sets/3 reps/315lbs.
*3 minutes rest*

Stationary Bike - 6 minutes.
Walk Around The Block - 10 minutes.

Rushing around today. I didn't have time to eat dinner. I did however have a bar and shake. Lots of protein. Walking today I focused on a neutral foot placement. More on the toes than heals. Soon I'll start jogging. Deadlifts were all easy and explosive.


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