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Thursday, August 25, 2011


That Crossfit stuff is damn hard! While surfing Youtube this morning I watched a demo of what Crossfit calls "The Bear". I wasn't scheduled for anything today so I decided to give it a go, but with a twist.

"The Bear" - 5 sets / 70lbs (I know, what a puss).
Standing Rope Pull - 75ft rope / 100lbs on the sled.

It just goes to show how out of shape I am. I gave up half way through to second sled pull but came back to finish it when my heart rate returned to normal level. It's up hill. Each group took about 2 minutes to complete. I did both exercises twice with ample rest between to get my heart rate back down to normal. Once I put everything back into the garage (looks like rain) I went for a walk / jog around the neighbourhood. Time for a shake then I'll start dinner for the family.


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