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Monday, May 23, 2011


Today is a day off and I'm enjoying it with an afternoon work out. Squats felt very solid and easier than two weeks ago. I did just a few sets to compare with and with out my belt. Obviously I really like wearing my belt. Everything feels much lighter when wearing it. Even when taking weight out of the rack.

Warm Up
Stationary Bike - 5 minutes.
Squats - bar/8 reps, 135lbs/8 reps, 225lbs/8 reps.

Power Phase
Squats - 7 sets/1 rep/345lbs.
*5 minutes rest after each set*

Pump Phase
Squats - 5 sets/4 reps/275lbs, 1 set/5 reps/275lbs.
*2 minutes rest after each set*

The weather is great today. Opened up the garage door and cranked the tunes (Danko Jones). My little girl standing infront of the platform watching her daddy.

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