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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Speed Squats

I've got a few moments this afternoon to hit the gym and do some speed squats. I'm scheduled to do these on Monday. Since I've got the time it's better to do them now. Duh!

Warm Up - 5 minutes stationary bike.
Speed Squats - warm up, 10 sets/2 reps/225lbs on 1:05.

I've been doing some ready about squats lately. The techniques I'm now implementing are making my squats feel really good.
  1. Drop elbows and press the bar up.
  2. As the same in bench, try to pull the bar apart with your hands.
  3. When lifting the bar lift it with your hips not your shoulders. Don't shrug the bar out of the rack.
  4. Keep head up. (obviously)

There is lots more but these are a few tips I've picked up lately. Here's a great article that talks about several great tips.

Squat Tips


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