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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two Work Outs

Today I managed to fit in two work outs. This morning, Jogging. This afternoon, Heavy Squats.


Jog - 5 minutes, Walk - 1 minute, Jog 1 minute, Walk 1 minute, Jog 1 minute, Walk 2 minutes.
Stationary Bike - 5 minutes (med-high intensity).


Warm Up - 5 minutes Stationary Bike.
Squats - 135lbs/10 reps, 225lbs/6 reps, 315lbs/3 reps, 405lbs/2 reps (knee wraps), 455lbs/1 rep (knee wraps), 315lbs/6 reps.

Jogging went well and 455lbs squat (considering I have done any heavy training in a while) are really good. I'm so pleased with my performance today I'll take a break tomorrow.


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