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Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Nova Scotia Provincials

Here's the beef on the 2010 Nova Scotia Provincial Powerlifting Championships. The results haven't been posted. I'll post a link later.

Squats - 255kg, I probably left a bit on the platform. I opened low (225kg) which I found lightened the mood. I might have been good for 265kg. All things said and done, great squats.

Bench Press - 200kg, WOW!!! A 5kg competition PB. I wish I would have video taped to see how fast I pressed the bar. I might have been good for another 5 to 10kg.

Deadlift - 225kg, Yikes! The lowest deadlift I've done in competition. My opener went great. 250kg for my second came up strong but I over pulled and bent my knees. 252.5kg on my third came up just a strong but once again my knees bent. I squeezed everything, glutes and quads, to get the lock out but my left knee was vibrating. Something to work on.

I feel that I understand my gear now and I know how it works. The meet was really well organized with lots of volunteers. A great meet all around.


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