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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 12 of 24

My left hip is still bothering me. So, yesterday's work out was all over the place. I tried squatting in my deadlift suit and in my squat suit. I tried out my loose bench shirt. My stationary bike finally decided to work so I rode the bike for a bit.


I did manage to figure out some things that will help for the last four weeks of competition prep.
  1. I fit a sz 50 Titan suit. Squat or deadlift
  2. My new deadlift suit is going to work great even though its only NXG.
  3. The Super Centurion squat suit could double as a bullet proof suit. Crazy support!
  4. I'll be squatting with a narrower stance (regular stance) not my previous sumo.
  5. In order to get ready for pulling sumo in competition I have to prepare conventional raw.

I'm sure I figured out some other things but I can't remember.


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