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Monday, March 31, 2008

Back In The Gym

On the 20th of March I went in for surgery. I had a carpal tunnel release on my right hand which has left me to leave weights for a while and recover. Today my hand was feeling better so I decided to go to the gym. Nothing serious, just move the muscles around and get the blood flowing. Here's the work out.

*Super Set 3 Times Through*
Cardio - 10 minutes elliptical trainer.
Inclined Leg Press - 12 reps, 180/270/360lbs.
Inclined Calf Press - 12 reps, 180/270/360lbs.
Sit Ups - 12 reps.
Seated Hip Abductor Machine - 20 reps, weight?
Seated Hip Adductor Machine - 20 reps, weight?

I felt really good afterwards. I did try some light squats and the stress on my hand is still too much. I'll have to give it some more time. That's my legs work out, now how do I do chest and back without irritating my hand?


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