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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Back Work Out

Today was back and I was a bit concerned about how my grip would "hold" up. Presently I can squeeze my fist tight with no pain it does however hurt a bit when I put presure on the meaty part of my hand under my thumb. So, for now bench press is a "no go". Here's how today went.

*Super Set Repeated 3 times*
Cardio (various) - 10 minutes
Bent Over Dumbbell Rows - 65lbs, 12 reps.
Lat Pull Downs - 135lbs, 12 reps.
Lat Press Downs - 110lbs/12 reps.
Swiss Ball Sit Ups - 20 reps.
Machine Preacher Curls - 35lbs, 20 reps.
Machine Tricep Extentions - 45lbs, 20 reps.

Everything went quite well. I kept the weights low and reps high. All reps were slow and controlled. The whole work out, with minimal social interaction, took about 1.5hrs.


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