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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mobility, Squats and Walking

My hips, hamstrings, and lower back are tight so I spent most of the time working on mobility with very light Squats.

Leg Swings, Stretching, and Foam Rolling.
Squats - 4 sets/6 reps/bar, 4 sets/6 reps/95lbs.
Lying Leg Curls - 4 sets/12 reps/35lbs, 4 sets/12 reps/45lbs.

Not much but my posterior chain feels much better. All reps were very controlled and dynamic.

After the weights I went for a walk with my daughter. We went a bit farther than the normal walk around the block. It takes about 2000 steps around the block. I achieved 3300 steps today. My guess is we walked about 3.3km.


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