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Thursday, November 30, 2017


It's been a busy week. I decided to go swimming before work. Up at 0500hrs then swimming @0630hrs. I'm sure it will pay off.

400m rev IM wu.
100m kick (25 flutter, 25 whip) no board.
200m IM for time (3:34)
100m cool down.

I almost drown during the backstroke in the 200m IM. I am however pleased that I was able to complete the 50m Fly. CF National qualifying is 3:19. I'm not that far off.

The Keto diet is going well. This morning I weighed 326lbs, 29lbs lost in the last 7 weeks. I'm sure the swimming will get easier as my weight gets lower.

Tomorrow should be a half day so I'm bringing my lifting gear. I will train Squats and Deadlifts.


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