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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Catching Up

It's been a few work outs since I last made a post. My bad.

25th March
Training in the garage on Saturday before going in for checks.
Bench Press - 2 sets/12 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/12 reps/225lbs, 6 sets/6 reps/320lbs.
Hammer Curls - 2 sets/12 reps/35lbs.

26th March
Training at 17 Wing with my son.
Leg Swings and Stretching.
Squats - 2 sets/12 reps/bar, 2 sets/12 reps/135lbs, 225lbs/6 reps, 5 sets/6, 6, 8, 8, 10 reps/315lbs. 135lbs/12 reps.

29th March (today)
Training in the garage again. The weather today is very nice. Temp in the garage is about +14 degC.
Light Stretching
Bench Press - 2 sets/12 reps/135lbs, 2 sets/6 reps/225lbs, 315lbs/3 reps.
Bench Press Singles - 365lbs, 3 singles 365lbs.
Bench Press - 3 sets/3 reps/335lbs, last set was for 4 reps.
Hammer Curls - 3 sets/12 reps/42.5lbs.

One of the strongest Bench Press work outs I've ever had. The last 385lbs was with a good long pause. I will be benching 4 plates consistently very soon.


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