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Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 IPF Worlds

We've been back for a couple of days. I wanted to take a little while before posting to the blog to gather my thoughts.

We started our journey to Killeen Texas on Friday, 17th June. The weather was well less than ideal for driving. Very heavy rain and lightning made the trip quite interesting. After getting breakfast and coffees from Tims we hit the road at 0700hrs.
By the time we got half way to Grand Forks the weather got so bad I thought there might be a tornado. We pulled over to listen to the radio for a weather alert. Turns out there was no tornado but there was gusts up to 100 mph, quarter sized hail, thunder and lightning, and rain so heavy that the wipers couldn't keep up. Eventually we got back on the road at a reduced speed. The weather cleared and we continued to Texas.
Our first stop was going to be Omaha Nebraska. Unfortunately, the swimming Olympic trails were taking place in the area and the hotel prices were massively inflated, 225 US$/night. We continued for several more hours before we ended up in a tiny town called Rock Port. There we found the Rock Port Inn and were very happy with the rooms and the price. The kids had a swim in the pool to sap what ever energy they had left. Kathy and I sat on the pool deck watching bats flying in and out of the tree tops and lightning bugs putting on a wonderful show at ground level.
In the morning we trekked to Oklahoma City where we spend two nights. The day in the middle we checked out the Outlet Center and spent sometime at the hotel pool. The mattress at this Travellodge was horrible and my lower back was giving lots of problems. I hardly got any sleep during these two nights and I was concerned that this would effect my performance at the Worlds.
On the 20th June we arrived in Killeen and headed straight to the venue to pick up my pass and become familiar with the facility. After that we went to diner and shortly after that to separate hotels for bed. I was obligated to stay at the meet hotel but it was too expensive and too small for all of us to stay there. Kathy and the girls stayed else where.
Weigh-ins started very early, 0600hrs. My son and I got to the venue at 0530hrs where I checked my equipment then went to pick up Kathy so she could have the van. She dropped me off and I went for weigh-ins. The following is how my lifting went.

BW - 152kg
I was a bit heavier than in past competition but this didn't surprise me.

Warm Ups went really well and my back wasn't an issue.

Squats - 225/235/240miss.

My opener was easy. My second I got a bit over my toes and it was a fight to finish. I got my form back and smoked my third but I cut it a bit short and was called on depth. I have reviewed videos from several angles and I was judged a bit harshly. Oh well, it is what it is. 235kg is a 7.5kg PB.

Bench Press - 160/167.5/172.5kg.

I got all my Bench Press attempts. My third attempt actually went up easier than my first. 172.5kg is a 5kg PB but I could have hit 177.5-180kg. Time for Deadlifts.

Deadlift - 255/265/272.5miss.

The first and second attempts were routine and felt quite controlled. My third attempt I had a slight tear in my right calf muscle just after the weights left the ground. It was enough to distract me and I missed the lift.

I totaled 672.5kg which is a 12.5kg PB. Out of 9 lifters I finished 8th overall. Individually, Squats 8th, Bench Press 6th, Deadlifts 6th.

My first Worlds was an amazing experience and I feel like I have grown as a lifter and I'm am destined for much better lifts.

The best part of lifting at the Worlds was having my family there in the audience to cheer me on. I am truly fortunate to have such an amazing family.

As soon as the medals ceremony was complete we got into the van, had some lunch, and hit the road.

The trip back was uneventful and seemed much shorter than the trip there.

We are home now and back into our normal groove. Yesterday I got back under the bar for some Squats.

Leg Swings and Stretching.
Squats - 3 sets/12 reps/bar, 2 sets/12 reps/95lbs.

Very easy lifts but more about flexibility and mobility than actual work.


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