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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 2 Pre Contest

Amazing work out in the garage today. I took my time and really enjoyed the mild weather. Great work out!

Leg Swings and Stretching.
Squats - bar/8 reps, bar/8 reps, 135lbs/8 reps, 225lbs/6 reps, 3 sets/3, 3, 4 reps/315lbs.
Bench Press - 135lbs/8 reps, 225lbs/8 reps, 3 sets/1 rep/315lbs.
Deadlifts - 225lbs/6 reps, 315lbs/3 reps, 3 sets/3, 4, 4 reps/365lbs.

AB Sling Knee Ups - 3 sets/12 reps.
Dumbbell Hammer Curls - 3 sets/12 reps/35lbs.

Days like today are why I have a home gym. The open garage door made a show for all who walked by. Vinyl records with classic rock was the cherry on top. All days should be like these.


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