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Sunday, September 27, 2015

17 Wing Powerlifting and Bench Press Competition

An amazing amount of work has lead to an amazing competition. The sponsors came though and even though set up was a real work out we got it done. The venue looked amazing and all the lifters all had a great time. The Bench only started first so it was game time for me.

Bench Only Equipped (Titan Katana A/S)

1st - 215kg good lift
2nd - 227.5kg GOOD LIFT!!!
3rd - 230kg no lift.

So, I managed to make it into the 500 club. Considering how tired I was from a busy work week and a physically demanding set up the night before I am extremely pleased with my performance. 227.5kg is a 20kg PB!!! More time in the shirt I'm sure will lead to bigger numbers. I have only trained in this shirt three times before this meet.


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