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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Garage Tire Deadlifts

Due for some Deadlifts today. Kind of a damp and overcast day. Doesn't matter.

Warm Up
Leg Swings and Stretching.
Squats - bar/6 reps.
Deadlifts - 225lbs/6 reps, 225lbs/6 reps, 315lbs/4 reps, 315lbs/4 reps, 405lbs/2 reps.

Power Phase
Deadlifts - 5 sets/1 rep/495lbs.
First set was with out a belt, fourth set was for a double.

Core Work
Ab Sling Knee Ups - 4 sets/12 reps.

Fun work out. Feeling no stress and enjoying work outs.


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