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Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Eastern Canadian Powerlifting Championships

A six hour drive up to Sydney for the Eastern Canadians with my family was really great. The scenery was beautiful. We got into the hotel then made it over to the venue to help set up. The next morning was show time.

Weigh Ins - 135.8kg.
Not as light as I hoped but still the lightest I've been in competition in quite sometime. Bring on the Squats.

Squats - 185/190kg/pass
I passed on my last squat because my mind was working overtime thinking about my left adductor muscle. After the 190kg squat, which was easy, I had some tightness in my adductor. I was concerned that if I injured myself I would be distracted. Time for Bench Press.

Bench Press - 150kg miss/155/162.5kg.
I missed my opening bench press because of "heaving". I was confused by this as were many others. Oh well, regroup and move on. Second and third were both easy and controlled. I may have left 2.5kg on the platform.

Deadlifts - 230/250/260kg.
Opening light was a good choice for my confidence. 230kg flew off the floor. I commented that the plates may be fake after pulling 250kg. It also was easy. 260kg was a little more difficult but still didn't offer much resistance. I also my have left about 5kg on the platform with this lift.

I'm really pleased with my performance this week end. 190kg Squat was pitiful but expected. 162.5kg Bench Press was a 2.5kg personal best. 260kg Deadlift is the second best competition pull I've ever done. 612.5kg Total is also the second best I've ever done. Now it's time to train for the Military only Atlantic Regionals at the end of November. After that it's Nationals. There I am ready for some big numbers.


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