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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bench Press

Really GREAT work out tonight. Last Bench Press work out was, as I titled the post, "Pathetic". Tonight I dropped the weight by 10lbs and destroyed everything like a BEAST!!!

Warm Up
Foam Rolling.
Warm Up Shoulders with 10lbs Dumbbell.
Bench Press - 135lbs/16 reps, 225lbs/10 reps, 315lbs/4 reps.

Power Phase
Bench Press - 8 sets/1 rep/345lbs.
*3 minutes rest after each set*

Pump Phase
Bench Press (with Titan RAM) - 3 sets/5 reps/345lbs, 2 sets/5 reps/345lbs (with wrist wraps), 1 set/6 reps/345lbs (with wrist wraps).
*3 minutes rest after each set*

Not my strongest Bench Press work out but the best one I've had in quite a while. I was really focusing on keeping tight during the Power Phase. I got loose on the first single but managed to correct the fault then on. It was much easier. Tomorrow if weather permits I will be going for a walk.


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