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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back Problems

I've had a reoccurring back problem for sometime now. Yesterday I wanted to Deadlift in the morning but only managed to get my warm ups done before I had to stop.

Warm Up
Squats - 135lbs/8 reps.
Foam Rolling
Squats - 135lbs/8 reps, 225lbs/6 reps.
Deadlifts - 365lbs/6 reps.

On the fifth rep I felt a twitch on my right lower lat. I loaded the bar to my working weight of 525lbs. I put on my belt and attempted the lift. All I managed was to bend the bar but it didn't break free of the ground. Time to strip the bar. I spend the rest of the day laying on my back and popping muscle relaxants and anti inflammatory.

Today I feel better but The tight spot is still acting up. I was feeling like I needed to try something to help loosen it up so I got out to the gym for a few moments.

Ab Sling Knee Ups - 4 sets/16 reps.
Bench Press - 3 sets/12 reps/135lbs, 225lbs/10 reps, 3 sets/2 reps/315lbs.

The spot on my lower right lat was and is still tight. Tomorrow my family will be making a trip to my parent's for Thanks Giving. Wish I could Squat before the big meal. Lets see how I feel tomorrow morning.


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