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Saturday, November 03, 2012


Deadlifts yesterday were awesome! A cold I've had for a few weeks now is still kicking the crap out of my work outs. I had one goal this work out and I accomplished it.

Warm Up
Paused Squats - 2 sets/8 reps/135lbs.
Deadlifts - 315lbs/6 reps, 405lbs/3 reps, 495lbs/2 reps.

Power Phase
Classic Deadlift (no belt) - 1 set/1 rep/579lbs (6 plates per side some were kg plates).

Pump Phase
Classic Deadlift (no belt) - 1 set/3 reps/455lbs.

At this point I had enough but, mission accomplished. My diet is going really well and I've lost 20lbs. So, not only did I equal my best raw deadlift ever I also did it at a lighter body weight. The Eastern Canadians is in two more weeks. Next week will be at 70% dynamic lifting then a week off and I'll be ready.


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