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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Bench Press

Bench Press felt controlled and strong tonight. My left wrist / elbow is bothering me just a little but doesn't seem to effect my pressing power.

Warm Up
Bench Press - 135lbs/12 reps, 225lbs/ reps.

Working Sets
Bench Press - 4 sets/1 rep/315lbs, 4 sets/1 rep/335lbs.
*3 minutes rest between set*

Triceps Work
Cable Extensions - 3 sets/12, 16, 20 reps/45kg.
OH Plate Extensions (stretching) - 3 sets/12 reps/45lbs.

All reps were competition legal. Good pause at start, on the chest, and at lock out. 155kg seems like it will be a good opener. Later in the week, deadlifts.


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