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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Now that school is finished for another year I have a tight balance between family and training. I managed to train today, a day late.

Warm Up
Foam Rolling.
Squats - 135lbs/12 reps, 225lbs/10 reps, 315lbs/6 reps.

Power Phase
Squats (raw, no belt) - 6 sets/1 rep/405lbs.
*5 minutes rest after each set*

Pump Phase
Good Mornings - 6 sets/8 reps/225lbs.
*2 minutes rest after each set*

Core Work
Stability Ball Sit Ups - 25, 25, 25, 20, 20 reps.

My front hips were screaming during the last 2 sets of sit ups. The Good Mornings were dynamic and my hamstrings really felt it. The Squats were easy enough but I still managed to grind the first four sets. The last two sets were a bit faster and came up much better.


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