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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday I managed to get into the SANCTUM for some trap bar rack pulls. The bar rested in the rack about two inches below my knee cap. Here's how it went. Weights listed are assuming the bar weighs 50lbs.

Trap Bar Rack Pulls - 150lbs/6 reps, 250lbs/6 reps, 320lbs/6 reps, 420lbs/3 reps, 420lbs/3 reps.

I could have pulled 420lbs for 6 reps but the thin handles where ripping my hands up.

Today I had more time to work out and I wanted to move some weight. Shoulders beware.

Warm Ups
Seated Shoulder Press - 95lbs/12 reps, 135lbs/12 reps.

Power Phase
Seated Shoulder Press - 4 sets/1 rep/235lbs, 3 sets/2 reps/235lbs.
*short rest between sets*

Pump Phase
Seated Shoulder Press - 4 sets/6 reps/155lbs, 2 sets/8 reps/155lbs.
*short rest between sets*

Core Work
Sit Ups - 20, 20, 25 reps.

The shoulder presses are coming up like my other lifts. Last year this time I wouldn't have even tried 235lbs for a double. Next week I'm back into the program. Rest time is over.


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