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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Second Work Out

Today was slow at work so I was able to hit the gym.

Warm Up
Stationary Bike - 10 minutes.

Working Sets
Goblet Squats (to a bench) - 45lbs/12 reps, 95lbs/6 reps, 95lbs/6 reps.
Deadlifts - 315lbs/3 reps, 315lbs/4 reps, 385lbs/3 reps, 5 sets/1 rep/455lbs (no belt).
High Box Squats - 135lbs/12 reps, 225lbs/8 reps.

All the squatting movements were done onto a box or bench. I was concerned about my left knee acting up again. It didn't. The deadlifts felt good. Not much in the tank after training so early this morning and not getting much sleep last night. Tonight I'll go to bed earlier then train Friday morning.


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