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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Military Atlantic Invitational

For a non sanctioned meed put on by CFB Gagetown I was very impressed at how well everything went. I guess when you're used to lifting with some of the best equipment in the world (ER racks and Eleiko weights) competing with a standard gym bar and plates in a power rack and standard gym bench seems roughing it.
Because of my body weight and the Schwartz formula I didn't place really well. On a personal note my numbers were good and I'm pleased with that.

Squat  - 440lbs
Bench Press - 335lbs
Deadlift - 550lbs

The one thing I did prove to myself this meet is that I am a competitive powerlifter. I know what my limits are and I don't over inflate myself with past victories and PBs. On the day of the meet I know my strengths and weaknesses and I lift accordingly. Now all I need to do is get stronger.

Over the next while I'll be training lots of cardio to get ready for my annual PT test. I will be posting those training days and my cardiovascular progress


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