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Sunday, August 28, 2011


I decided to switch it up a bit. Still sticking to the Doug Hepburn format but changing the "Pump Phase" exercise.

Warm Up
Body Weight Squats - 3 sets/10 reps.
Squats - 135lbs/6 reps, 135lbs/6 reps, 225lbs/6 reps, 315lbs/3 reps.

Power Phase
Squats - 6 sets/1 rep/375lbs (only belt on last set to compare).
*3 minutes rest after each set*

Pump Phase
Wide Stance Box Squats - 6 sets/4 reps/225lbs, 1 set/3 reps/315lbs.
*3 minutes rest after each set*

I really like the control required to do this movement. I also like the drive off the box. Now that I've got the form I'll go 6 sets/3 reps/315lbs next week. I'm standing at about 47 inches from toe to toe. The following is a list of what I was trying to remember.
  • Head up and back, big chest.
  • Elbows down.
  • Pull bar apart.
  • break at hips first.
  • Push knees out.
  • Drive straight up off the box, don't rock forward.
  • Drive hips forward hard and fast to complete the movement.
If anyone has any further points please feel free to comment. As I'm typing I can feel that I've really hit a weak area of my hamstrings. I'm sure it'll be fun walking tomorrow.


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