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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


After a few days of antibiotics my foot is feeling much better so I decided to take it for a test ride and do a few squats. Actually a few more than a few.
Warm Up
Squats - 2 sets/6 reps/135lbs, 1 set/6 reps/135lbs + 110lbs chain, 1 set/4 reps/225lbs + 110lbs chain.

Power Phase
7 sets/1 rep/315lbs + 110lbs chain.
*3 minutes rest after each set*

Pump Phase
6 sets/5 reps/275lbs.
*3 minutes rest after each set*

Actually my last two sets of Pump Phase I did as one set of ten. By this time I'm sucking wind and my lovely wife just got home with pizza. A strong work out no doubt. Now I fill my face.



Colin Hayes said...

Enjoy the well-earned pizza!
Glad to see the foot is feeling better.

How many years have you been lifting?

Snowdaddy said...

I've been addicted to weights since I was in my early teens. I followed Flex, Muscle Mag, ect... routines for years after. In 2005 I volunteered at a Powerlifting competition and there was no looking back. Powerlifting is the fountain of youth. Powerlifters are the most humble and gracious people. It was easy to become involved.
Individual sports have always attracted me. I was a top Provincial level swimmer pre teen and got into triathlon / cycling after that. Since Powerlifting is for older athletes it was a natural transition.
How bout you?

Colin Hayes said...

I followed a similar course, in that I've always been drawn to individual sports. Ran track and cross-country in high school (weighing a buck thirty dripping wet, at 5'11"). Got tired of being scrawny and was seduced in the early 90's by the same mags you mentioned. I put in some effort on the weights, but spent many years bouncing from ONLY weight lifting to ONLY running, never really sticking with either long enough to really advance...but also switching back and forth due to my innate ability to injure myself (at both). In 2009, I made a serious attempt at resurrecting my running. I managed to make it about a year and a half without a serious injury (and filled a life-long goal of running a marathon), until I came down with a bad heel injury that would pretty much require surgery if I were to continue running. Went through PT with a sports doc for a few months and gradually switched back to weight lifting & realized how scrawny I had gotten (again), and how my wife likes me with more beef on my bones...and how much I really enjoy the weights. Been lifting again since last November (and have added 27 lbs to my frame since then). Oh, I should also mention that my dad competed in the bench press in several powerlifting meets in 2004 & set a Washington state record for his age (64 at the time) and weight (220). I went to a couple of the meets and found everyone to be extremely friendly and supportive. That's when the seed was planted for me & why I'm more interested in giving that a try rather than just bodybuilding.
Whew! Sorry for the novel!

ONPump17 said...

Good to see your feeling better! Any new videos coming soon?