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Monday, January 24, 2011

Cardio Crazy

In past posts I've complained of shin splints. I went to physio and was told that I pronate when jogging which is causing micro tears in my shins. They gave me some insoles to help in the meantime. When buying new running shoes later on I have to make sure I buy shoes for pronators.
Today was my first day with the new insoles and I wasn't disappointed. No Shin Splints. Here's how I did.

Warm Up - Light Stretching, 2 laps walking.

Jogging - 3 laps, 7 laps (walk 80m, jog quick 40m).

alternate the following 3 times

2x walk 80m, jog quick 40m.
Sit Ups 20 reps.

Various light weights.

Total distance on the indoor track = 16 laps = 2km.

The track work felt great! Ordinarily I'd be in agony but not today. Now I'm looking forward to next week and jogging.


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