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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Speed Squats

Nothing fancy, just get under 50 to 60% 1RM and blast em' up as fast as possible. While keeping good form of course.

Warm Up - 5 minutes Stationary Bike
Squat - bar/6 reps, 135lbs/6 reps.

Speed Squats - 10 sets/2 reps/245lbs.

I video taped most of the squats to see how my form was. Only 3 sets were done wearing a belt. I wanted to see if there was much of a difference with and with out. Depth was spot on, just a bit bellow parallel. I'm sitting back most of the time. My speed down and up is pretty good. Next time should seem easier so I'll go up a bit in weight next time.


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