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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Work Work Out

Slow day at work yesterday allowed me to hit the gym. With cardio in mind I did the following.

Ellipse Trainer - 10 minutes (med-high intensity).

Alternate the following
Bench Press - 4 sets. 20 reps, 135lbs (last set 185lbs for 20 reps).
Squats - 4 sets, 12reps, 135lbs (last set 185lbs for 12 reps).

Ellipse Trainer - 10 minutes (med-high intensity).

Everything was done with very little rest through out. My heart rate was pegged the entire work out. Tomorrow is Halloween and I need to do some kind of scary work out. Today I got the yard ready for winter and did some odd jobs. I cut more wood for the winter and cut 4 more lengths of chain. Now I've got 5 lengths of chain per side. each side weighing about 55lbs. Maybe tomorrow I'll do some heavy chain squats.


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