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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still Not 100%

Yesterday I spent most of my day sleeping. After going to see the Doctor I got home at about 0830hrs. By 0930 I was sleeping in my chair. I went to bed for 2.5 hrs, got up for some lunch, then was back in bed in the afternoon for another 2.5hrs. I surely must have needed the rest because I still managed to get a full nights sleep after.
Today I've kept busy rearranging my rec room. It's amazing how many toys you can loose under a sofa when you have four kids. Everything is cleaned up and the wife will be surprised when she gets home from work.
Tonight if things run smoothly I may make my way out to the SANCTUM for some squats. It's crazy how I've been craving lifting heavy. The weights were starting to feel light before I went on this break. I've got some lofty expectations for next year and I can't wait to get under way with the training.

Goals For 2011

Squat - 600lbs
Bench - 500lbs
Deadlift - 585 - 600lbs
Total - 757.5kg (National Qualifying)


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