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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 19 of 24

On Sunday I got together with the boys from the Greenwood Power House. Training in a group before a big meet is always best.

Deadlifts - Messing around with gear. 240kg/1 rep raw.

Bench Press - warm ups, 180kg/1 rep didn't touch, 200kg/1 rep, 200kg/2 board 1 rep, 200kg/2 board 1 rep, 210kg/1 board 1 rep.

I learned a few things about bench press and gear.
  1. Wear a shirt that fits. That means you can't put it on by yourself.
  2. be tight through out the movement.
  3. Do not relax at the bottom to the movement to help get the bar to touch.

I'll post some videos that shows the value of these points. Thanks again Cliff.


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